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All About Design Drona.

All About Design Drona.

Design Drona institute is a Pune India-based startup design institute that is designed to build the next generation of UI UX Designers. Design Drona focuses on helping its students to tap into their love for design and groom it into a successful career opportunity. With a world-class selection of instructors, our students are becoming the most highly sought-after professionals in the creative industry. Our passion is ensuring that we pass along today’s marketable skills to both new and developing creatives.

The institute is the brainchild of Sandip Bhosale, self-taught UX/UI designer that has worked on numerous high-profile UI and UX projects in his career that has spanned over 9 years in print, web and graphic designing. Sandip is now using his experience to design easy-to-understand syllabuses for today’s trainee designers, while mentoring them from his wealth of experience. Students also get to learn by working on live project of Website, Web App, Android, iOS App amongst other things.

The Design Drona Institute started in May 2018 with a pioneer class of just 5 students. It has now grown exponentially with each new session with a reputation as the best UI designing institute in Pune, and we believe this is just the beginning. We remain committed to helping the aspiring design experts learn their craft with affordable fees and go on to successful careers.

Our Values

Our Values.

We specialize in designing and facilitating UI courses, training programs and workshops with affordable fees that serve the needs of our students. Our facilitators are experienced and have many years of hands-on skills from the creative industry that can impart into our students. We don’t only focus on your professional life, but on your personal life too so that you can have the necessary skills to survive in the real world.

What makes Design Drona Institute different? It is the fact that we know exactly what is necessary and what is not. We use our knowledge of the industry to ensure that our students learn just what they need in their industries. For example, UX/UI Design doesn’t really require a lot of coding, so we won’t include HTML, CSS, JAVA and other programming skill into the UI course. Our workshops are designed to be direct, easy-to-learn and lightweight. No longer would people join courses and find it overwhelming. Our syllabus is also industry-oriented and filled with practical materials that are fun to learn.

What makes Design Drona so successful in training designers?

Design Drona is fast gaining a reputation for being one of the most innovative training institutes in Pune, with its students

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